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E-Journal of the University of Riau Islands is a media for scientific publications of the results of research, experiments, community service for lecturers, researchers, practitioners managed by the University of Riau Islands, Batam.

This E-Journal contains both University Journals and Study Program Journals in the Riau Islands Batam University environment


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MEASUREMENT: Journal of the Accounting Study Program

MEASUREMENT: Journal of the Accounting Study Program is a journal of scientific publications in the field of accounting, both research and scientific studies. Manuscripts received are manuscripts of research results or thoughts related to accounting that have not been published in any media, this journal is published twice a year.

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The Minda Baharu Journal is a community service journal published by the Riau Islands University. Minda Baharu focuses on publishing the results of the creation and application of Innovation and Technology for society with the scope of all scientific disciplines. Starting from Volume 2 of 2018, Minda Baharu published 2 numbers in one volume, namely July and December

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